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What is my style? I am an Imagist. My topics are very specific, and my use of symbolism within the poem makes a statement, whether personal or social. I love to experiment with different techniques and poetic formats, for I enjoy switching from rhyme to free verse. I find the practice mentally stimulating and creatively refreshing. When I write, the topic determines the style, and the tone compliments the topic.


What poetic form is my favorite? I love the fluidity of a villanelle. So fun! Its musical qualities make it a perfect style for a poem's quiet musings.


Oddest function for my writing: I have become the “go to” person to give a eulogy at family funerals. My first published work, “Madeleine Bassett,” was a eulogy for my grandmother that was published in an Alzheimer’s newsletter.  

  • Robert Frost

  • Elizabeth Bishop

  • John Keats

  • Maya Angelou

  • Dylan Thomas


          By Holly Dunlea

Simple candle lit by me,

on the table burning bright;

flames will dance to set me free.


If I could lead a life of glee,

released from forces giving slight—

a candle would be lit by me.


If I could sail upon the sea,

just rolling forth on what is right—

flames would dance to set me free.


Let out the sail; fill it with glee!

Pull in the sheet at signs of night

and guard the candle lit by me.


I’d laugh with mirth upon the sea,

but come about in fading light

and fan the flames that set me free.


Days are too short; you do agree—

we must snuff out the dark of night.

And will my flame stay lit for me?

The candle’s light will set me free.

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